Raw Materials

The paramount feature of this group is using the high quality raw materials available on the market.
The sheet used in the products must be grade 1 without any cracking, rust or distortion which is purchased directly from Mobarakeh Steel Company.
The electrostatic powder paint code 7035 is used for painting the products which is supplied by Peka Chemistry Company that manufactures the quality powder paints in Iran. It should be noted that the paints are epoxy polystyrene that are resistant to sunshine, dust and humidity.
All the ironmongery such as locks, hinges, foam duster and glass are made up of the best available materials.

Production Process:

The sheets are first inserted into the laser cutting machine where the whole cutting and punching are done according to the technical drawings. Then the cut pieces are bent by a CNC bending machine and prepared for the CO2 welding step.
After the finishing step the products are prepared for the painting step. Painting is done through an automatic conveyor. First the products enter the washing section where the pickling, phosphation and deoiling treatments are done. Then they enter the drier for the complete water evaporation. At this point the painting operation starts and finally the fully dried products go into the assembly hall.
The products after the installation of hinges and foam duster are inspected for any possible problems. At the end they are packaged according to their size.